Welcome to Arlington Orchards, a family-owned company committed to providing you with the freshest, highest-quality nuts and candies available. Driven by our commitment to a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet without having to give up delicious tastes, textures, and enjoyment of food, we at Arlington Orchards have customized a product list that serves the interests of health conscious individuals and families such as raw diet followers, vegans, and kosher guidelines while being suitable for anyone that follows a specialized diet due to diabetes and other medical conditions.

Our journey towards the creation of the company started a few years ago when my oldest son was diagnosed with type II diabetes. Since then, our family grouped together to create a healthier lifestyle. During this period of adjustment, we realized that we didn’t need to sacrifice as much as we thought, simply by substituting nuts for our salty snack cravings. With the help of my wife and children, our business grew as our product list expanded and our relationships with outside suppliers and vendors solidified. Over time, we have been able to serve the needs of individuals, small- to large-scale businesses and vendors, and offer a wide range of services from tub and bag programs to private label and bulk.

What really drives the company is the commitment we have to our lifestyle and the inspiration we draw from our social connections with other families from around the globe that share the same interests and commitment to health. Our social media pages allow us to connect with these individuals, swapping stories of inspiration and creative recipes while creating networks of friendship and support. This aspect of the company has really helped my son as he struggles to find balance with his condition. We would love to hear from you and how you manage to maintain health and balance in your lives.


Our extensive range means we can satisfy everyone's tastes, and as always, product quality lies at the heart of our offering..


Our flexible, small batch approach to packaging
ensures freshness every time.